INCODER_ Nynodal™ mask chain

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Nynodal™ mask chain

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"Nynodal™ nylon bead string"

INCODER developed its own design and cooperated with a string manufacturer with decades of experience in string making. After deconstructing the string production process, it took half a year to complete. It is the first experimental work proposed and developed by a client in decades with the manufacturer.

Nynodal™ nylon bead string comes from an interpretation of the yin and yang hexagrams in the east. The yin and yang are analogous to zero and one of the electronic codes. Between the rise and fall, between presence and absence, the linear combination generated successively, thereby generating the "message"

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  • The paper clip style buckle simplifies the process of assembling and makes the connection with the mask more stable.

  • The segmented connection design makes the angle of the mask chain more flexible, and it can hang more smoothly when wearing.

  • "Nynodal™ mask chain" is designed to reduce the discomfort of long-term wearing and contact. We use plastic fasteners that are light and have no foreign body touch. On the one hand, they can be quickly assembled and disassembled, combined with bead string, the overall weight is lighter to reduces the sense of foreign body-worn.

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