INCODER_ Nynodal™ S-T Key Chain

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Nynodal™ S-T Key Chain

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"Nynodal™ nylon bead string"

INCODER developed its own design and cooperated with a string manufacturer with decades of experience in string making. After deconstructing the string production process, it took half a year to complete. It is the first experimental work proposed and developed by a client in decades with the manufacturer.

Nynodal™ nylon bead string comes from an interpretation of the yin and yang hexagrams in the east. The yin and yang are analogous to zero and one of the electronic codes. Between the rise and fall, between presence and absence, the linear combination generated successively, thereby generating the "message"

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  • One Way Auto-lock carabiner, which is equipped with a safety lock to open in a rotating way, and will automatically lock when it is released. The non-circular design prevents it from rotating under force.

  • The anti-sliding device is designed to prevent objects from slipping out when unlocking.

  • The quick-release, push-type, eight-shaped ring is convenient for users to wear daily necessities and increase practicability.

  • Three flat-black keyrings are also included to provide smaller keyholes.

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