INCODER_ Nynodal™ S-T Key Chain

Item No.: Nynodal™ S-T Key Chain
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Nynodal™ S-T Key Chain

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  • One Way Auto-lock carabiner, which is equipped with a safety lock to open in a rotating way, and will automatically lock when it is released. The non-circular design prevents it from rotating under force.
  • The anti-sliding device is designed to prevent objects from slipping out when unlocking.
  • The quick-release, push-type, eight-shaped ring is convenient for users to wear daily necessities and increase practicability.
  • Three flat-black keyrings are also included to provide smaller keyholes.
  • Lanyard: Nynodal™
  • Carabiner: 5050 Aluminum alloy
  • Eight-shaped ring: Zinc alloy
  • Keyring: Steel
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