INCODER_ Transfer crossbody lanyard

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Transfer crossbody lanyard

Material :  

  • universal smartphone clip included
  • anodized metal ring
  • Nynodal™ nylon bead rope

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Product Details :

  • A rope is one of the most primitive tools that humans have invented. With some changes it could have many uses. Nynodal was created haphazardly. Its unique look attracted a lot of ideas from people to be creative with it, so why don’t we find out how that would look like. Let’s see what kind of changes that a rope with simple length adjustment button and a strong metal ring can bring to the lives of the city people.

  • The most basic use is to clip it on your smartphone case.
    We suggest three ways to use it.

  • Wear it like a necklace
    Wear it cross body fixed or flexibly

  • Even though we are looking forward to see what other ways people come up with using it, but in regards of safety please do not risk any dangerous act. When the time has come, the game will be over, don’t be in such a rush to log off.

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