ÆNRMÒUS has landed

ÆNRMÒUS is a Japanese brand which presents anonymity between modern aesthetics and innovative technology. Influenced by contemporary culture, traditional menswear, functional and rational design, nature, technology.

Ænrmòus_Thé Extricatión_Part1_Origin_1     Ænrmòus_Thé Extricatión_Part1_Origin_2

Defiantly experimental, self-proclaimed “artisanal techwear” label ænrmòus is setting the pace for a new wave of fashion. First hitting the scene in 2021, the esoteric brand draws on a mix of contemporary culture, traditional menswear, nature, and functional design to create its thoughtfully distorted silhouettes with pleated accents, asymmetrical drapes, and overlapping panels.


Ænrmòus_Thé Extricatión_Part1_Origin_4Ænrmòus_Thé Extricatión_Part1_Origin_4Ænrmòus_Thé Extricatión_Part1_Origin_5

Often geared with detachable and modular elements, key pieces include three-in-one wool jackets, loose-fit pants with adjustable hems, and layered tops with hoods that double as masks. With trompe l’oeil touches reified through deconstructed forms, ænrmòus brings an avant-garde edge to the arena of functional menswear.