Little Green Stuff Co., LTD and its affiliates respect your concerns about privacy. This Privacy Policy applies to personal information we collect on this website. Little Green Stuff Co., LTD is responsible for this website.

The Privacy Policy describes the types of personal information we collect on this site, how we may use that information and with whom we may share it. The notice also describes the measures we take to protect the security of the personal information. We also tell you how you can reach us to ask us to (i) access, change or not use the personal information you have provided to us, (ii) withdraw any consent you previously provided to us, (iii) tell us to refrain from communicating with you about our products or services, and (iv) answer any questions you may have about our privacy practices.



Individuals may choose to provide personal information (including your name, gender, contact details such as your phone number, email address and payment information) through this website. Here are the ways you may provide the information and the types of information you may submit. We also tell you how we may use the information. Your provision of information is voluntary. However, if you choose not to provide information as requested, we may not be able to supply you with products or services as applicable.

This information allows us to:

  • Ensure delivery of purchase is sent to the right person.
  • Update you about order details, issues and other important order information via email.
  • Keep you up to date on new product releases, services, promotions and information via email. We will only send marketing material to you with your consent. You are able to withdraw your consent at any time.
  • Detect and prevent fraudulent activities that are harmful to yourself or TOBIRA.
  • Send location and previous purchase-relevant marketing material.
  • Payment information helps us to process payment for items bought.
  • Process refunds for returns.
  • Efficiently provide customer service to your shopping experience, queries and concerns.
  • Your device and IP address are noted in order for us to direct you to the most suitable language, currency, and product availability of the website.



Shopping You may be able to purchase products on this website. To process your purchase, we ask for information such as your name, billing and shipping address, telephone number, email address and payment card information. We use this information to process your purchase, confirm your order and deliver the items to you. If you give us permission, we also may use your contact information to communicate with you about our products, services and promotions.



You may be able to register to create an account on this website. To do so, we ask for information such as your name and email address. Through the "my account" feature, you can store shipping information so you won't have to enter it again when you make another purchase on this site.



On this website, you may be able to participate in surveys, sweepstakes and other promotions. If you choose to participate in these promotions, we may ask you for information such as your name, email address, postal address and telephone number. We use the information you provided to administer our contests, sweepstakes and other promotions. We also may use the information to communicate with you about our products, services and promotions, but only if you have given us your consent to do so.



You may be able to sign up on this site to receive electronic newsletters and promotional emails from Little Green Stuff Co., LTD, including new ideas, special offers and event information. To sign up, we may ask you for information such as your name, email address, postal address, telephone number, age, gender, shopping preferences and email preferences. We also use this information to tailor our newsletters to reflect your preferences. You can at any time use opt out of receiving marketing emails. There is no charge to you to unsubscribe.



If you communicate with us through the "Contact Us" link on this site (mobile version), we may ask you for information such as your name, email address, zip code and telephone number. We use this information to respond to and communicate with you about your questions and comments.



We offer visitors to this website various features for their information and enjoyment, which we may change from time to time. We may ask you to submit certain personal information so we can provide you with these features and send you communications about our products, services and promotions.



We obtain certain information by automated means when you visit our website, such as the IP address of the device you use to connect to the Internet and the pages accessed. By collecting this information, we learn how to best tailor our website to our visitors and understand what products and services you might prefer. We collect this information through various means, such as "cookies" and "web beacons."



"Cookies" are used on this website. Cookies are bits of text that are placed on your computer's hard drive when you visit certain websites. Cookies may enhance your online experience by saving your preferences while you are visiting a particular site. We use cookies, for example, to preserve the contents of your virtual shopping cart between visits. We also use cookies to measure activity on the site and determine which areas and features of the site are the most popular.

Most browsers will tell you how to stop accepting new cookies, how to be notified when you receive a new cookie and how to disable existing cookies. Without cookies, however, you may not be able to take full advantage of all our site features.



Certain pages on this website contain "web beacons" (also known as Internet tags, pixel tags and clear GIFs). Web beacons are used for internal purposes, such as to obtain the IP address of the computer that downloaded the page on which the beacon appears, the URL of the page on which the beacon appears, the time the page containing the beacon was viewed, and the type of browser used to view the page. We also retain service providers who use web beacons to assess the effectiveness of our email communications and learn what pages our visitors viewed.



In addition to the ways we collect information about you described above, we also may obtain information about information from third parties. We may use your personal information to provide you with products or services you request, enhance your shopping experience and communicate with you about our products, services and promotions. In addition, we may use your personal information for internal purposes, such as fraud and theft prevention, accident reporting, development and administration of our sites and Stores, data analytics, and compliance with our legal obligations, policies and procedures.


Information We Share

We will never sell any of your personal data to third parties or otherwise disclose personal information about our customers, except as described here. We may share the personal information you provide to us with our group companies, affiliates worldwide, and business partners for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. We also may share the information with our service providers who perform services on our behalf based on our instructions. These service providers are not authorised by us to use or disclose the information except as necessary to perform services on our behalf or comply with legal requirements. Payment service providers, warehouses, employees and courier companies need certain information shared in order to get orders to you. Marketing agencies, advertising partners, website hosts, law enforcement and credit reference agencies are used to help with business at Little Green Stuff Co,. LTD and to prevent and deal with fraud issues. Anonymous information about you may be shared with third parties for the purpose of analytics, none of this data will be used to identify you. We also may disclose information about you (i) if we are required to do so by law or legal process (such as a court order), (ii) in response to a request by law enforcement authorities, or (iii) when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss or in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity. We also reserve the right to transfer personal information we have about you in the event we sell or transfer all or a portion of our business or assets. Should such a sale or transfer occur, we will use reasonable efforts to direct the transferee to use personal information you have provided to us in a manner that is consistent with our Privacy Policy. Following such a sale or transfer, you may contact the entity to which we transferred your personal information with any inquiries concerning the processing of that information.



This website may contain links to other sites for your convenience and information. These sites may be operated by companies not affiliated with Little Green Stuff Co,. LTD. Linked sites may have their own privacy policies, which we strongly suggest you review if you visit any linked websites. We are not responsible for the content of any websites that are not affiliated with Little Green Stuff Co,. LTD, any use of those sites, or the privacy practices of those sites.



Subject to applicable law, we provide you with access to personal information we have retained about you and the ability to review, correct, update, block or delete the information where it is inaccurate. Subject to applicable law, we may limit or deny access to personal information where providing such access is unreasonably burdensome or expensive under the circumstances.



This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically and without prior notice to you to reflect changes in our personal information practices or relevant laws. We will post a prominent notice on the site to notify you of any significant changes to our Privacy Policy and indicate at the top of the notice when it was updated.




1. 隱私權保護政策的適用範圍



2. 個人資料的蒐集、處理及利用方式

  • 當您造訪本網站或使用本網站所提供之功能服務時,我們將視該服務功能性質,請您提供必要的個人資料,並在該特定目的範圍內處理及利用您的個人資料;除非事先說明、或依照相關法律規定,否則本網站不會將個人資料提供給第三人、或移作其他目的使用。
  • 本網站在您使用分享、下載、問卷調查等互動性功能時,會保留您所提供的姓名、電子郵件地址、聯絡方式及使用時間等。
  • 於一般瀏覽時,您無需透露任何個人資料就可以訪問本網站,本網站伺服器會自行記錄相關行徑,包括您使用連線設備的 IP 位址、使用時間、使用的瀏覽器、瀏覽及點選資料記錄等,這些資料僅供作流量分析和網路行為調查,做為我們增進網站服務的參考依據,此記錄為內部應用,決不對外公佈。這些資料也不會與特定個人相聯繫。
  • 進行下載或分享教學資源行為時,本網站會要求您註冊或登錄您的個人帳號,本網站因此可能蒐集到包括您的姓名和電子郵件等個人資料。
  • 為提供精確的服務,我們會將收集的問卷調查內容進行統計與分析,分析結果之統計數據或說明文字呈現,除供內部研究外,我們會視需要公佈統計數據及說明文字,但不涉及特定個人之資料。
  • 本網站所取得的個人資料,僅供本網站內部於前揭蒐集目的之範圍內使用。除非事先說明、或依照相關法律規定,否則本網站不會將用戶個人資料提供給第三人、或移作其他目的使用。


3. 利用期間、地區、對象及方式

  • 期間:您要求停止使用或本網站停止提供服務之日為止。
  • 地區:您的個人資料原則上使用於台灣地區,但視情況可能使用於台灣以外地區。
  • 利用對象及方式:您個人資料將用於與您聯繫、提供服務、處理訂閱程序、進行統計、學術研究及改善與加強本網站服務等。


4. 資料安全與保護

  • 本網站將會盡力對您的個人資料和資訊進行維護,在合理程度下努力確保您的資訊之安全,但是對於第三方通過非法管道截獲到您的個人信息,本網站將不予承擔任何責任。
  • 本網站主機均設有防火牆、防毒系統等相關的各項資訊安全設備及必要的安全防護措施,加以保護網站及您的個人資料採用嚴格的保護措施,只由經過授權的人員才能接觸您的個人資料,相關處理人員皆簽有保密合約,如有違反保密義務者,將會受到相關的法律處分。
  • 如因業務需要有必要委託其他單位提供服務時,本網站亦會嚴格要求其遵守保密義務,並且採取必要檢查程序以確定其將確實遵守。


5. 網站對外的相關連結



6. 與第三人共用個人資料之政策


  • 經由您書面同意。
  • 法律明文規定。
  • 為免除您生命、身體、自由或財產上之危險。
  • 與公務機關或學術研究機構合作,基於公共利益為統計或學術研究而有必要,且資料經過提供者處理或蒐集者依其揭露方式無從識別特定之當事人。
  • 當您在網站的行為,違反服務條款或可能損害或妨礙網站與其他使用者權益或導致任何人遭受損害時,經網站管理單位研析揭露您的個人資料是為了辨識、聯絡或採取法律行動所必要者。
  • 有利於您的權益。
  • 本網站委託廠商協助蒐集、處理或利用您的個人資料時,將對委外廠商或個人善盡監督管理之責。


7. Cookie 之使用

為了提供您最佳的服務,本網站會在您的電腦中放置並取用我們的 Cookie,若您不願接受 Cookie 的寫入,您可在您使用的瀏覽器功能項中設定隱私權等級為高或經由瀏覽器的設定,取消、或限制此項功能,即可拒絕 Cookie 的寫入,但可能會導至網站某些功能無法正常執行 。


8. 隱私權保護政策之修正